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Passenger transport 

DD-643 - Request for offer for passenger transport (download)       
DD-644 - Passenger transport order (download)      

Transport of people in the regime of occasional trips

The transport of people in the regime of occasional trips, both for individuals and for companies.

For occasional requests, the rates charged depend on the type of bus and the period of the week in which the transport is to be carried out.

Type of bus M.U. Working days
Monday - Friday
Non-working days
Saturday - Sundayand public holidays
Large capacity bus (Articulated) RON/km 11,00 RON + VAT 12,00 RON + VAT
Medium capacity bus (12 m) RON/km 9,00 RON + VAT 10,00 RON + VAT
Small capacity bus (Karsan, Isuzu) RON/km 7,00 RON + VAT 8,00 RON + VAT
Microbuses (capacity up to 19 + 1 seats) RON/km 6,00 RON + VAT 7,00 RON + VAT
Microbuses (capacity up to 8 + 1 seats) RON/km 5,00 RON + VAT 6,00 RON + VAT


For occasional trips, in the case of parking, the following is charged:

a rate of 40 RON / hour + VAT - for working days (Monday - Friday)

and 50 RON / hour + VAT - for non-working days (Saturday, Sunday) and public holidays.