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1. Granting subscriptions with a 90% discount for students

Students benefit from a 90% reduced rate on local public transport, that are enrolled in full-time education in accredited higher education institutions, within the Oradea municipality, aged up to 30 years, throughout the calendar year. Students in their final years benefit from a subsidized subscription with the upload date before July 31.
If you do not have a travel card, to issue them, please present yourself at the data collection points with:

- the identity document
- certificate or student ID for the current university year

You can load the travel cards at OTL SA Sales Points. The price of a monthly student subscription with a 90% discount for the Municipality of Oradea is 8 lei.

2. Granting subscriptions with a 90% discount for students from the Metropolitan Area

Oradea Local Transport in partnership with the University of Oradea based on art. 128 of Law no. 199 / 2023 grants to students enrolled in full-time education in accredited higher education institutions subscriptions with a reduced rate of 90% for transport in the Municipality of Oradea. OTL settles the 90% facility at the University of Oradea. For the metropolitan transport of students, the method of settlement was regulated by Methodological Norms for the approval of the methodology regarding the granting of transport facilities for students (no. 810 / 08.09.2023) which completes Law no. 198 / 2023. No Methodological Norms were issued for students which complements Law no. 199 / 2023, so that OTL cannot grant a 90% discount on the purchase of a metropolitan subscription. OTL is waiting for the regulation and is directly interested in directly granting the 90% facility for metropolitan subscriptions.

Due to the lack of the legislative framework, in some cities in Romania, students pay the subscription in full and turn to the Universities for settlement of the 90% facility.

3. The granting of subscriptions with a 100% subsidized rate for students who are orphans or come from placement centers

Benefit from a 100% subsidized rate throughout the calendar year, students with one or both deceased parents, as well as students from placement centers or who were in foster care with the extended family, substitute or foster care, according to the provisions of art. 64 ali (1) of Law no. 272/2004 on the protection and promotion of the rights of the child, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions. Beneficiaries must attend the current courses of the accredited/authorized pre-university education units from the educational units of the Municipality of Oradea or the accredited higher education institutions, within the radius of the Municipality of Oradea and the age requirements must be respected (under 30 years old).