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1. Granting free local public transport for pupils

Pupils aged up to 21, from accredited/authorized pre-university education, from educational units in the Municipality of Oradea, benefit from free, within the terms of the law, public transport services in the Municipality of Oradea, throughout the school year (the school year starts on September 1 and ends on August 31), in accordance with the provisions of art. 83 paragraph (1) of Law no. 189/2023. Pupils benefit free of charge on the basis of student subscriptions loaded on nominal ID cards, card validation upon boarding the means of transport being mandatory.
The issuance of identity cards for all pupils enrolled in accredited / authorized pre-university education in the Municipality of Oradea is carried out free of charge based on HCL no. 927 / 2016.
If you do not have a travel card, to issue them, please present yourself at the data collection points with:
- identity document/birth certificate (for pupils under 14 years old)
- certificate or student card for the current school year
2. Granting free local public transport for pupils from the Oradea Metropolitan Area

Pupils from the localities related to the Oradea Metropolitan Area (Borș, Sânmartin, Hidișel, Paleu, Cetariu) benefit from free travel on the travel route from the locality of residence to the Municipality of Oradea and on local public transport from the Municipality of Oradea, to benefit from this free of charge please go to the OTL SA sales points with the travel card and the identity document (for pupils over 14 years old) or the parent's identity document (in the case of pupils under 14 years old).