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The tourist attractions of Oradea Municipality

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The Church with the Moon

Moskovits Palace

The Black Eagle Palace

The Greek Catholic Episcopate

The Greek-Catholic Cathedral

The Zoo

The Library Gheorghe Șincai

The Museum of Freemasonry

The Orthodox Synagogue

The Ullmann Palace

The 1st of December Park

The Episcopal Cathedral

The Citadel of Oradea

Brătianu Park

Nimphaea Aquatic Complex

The Mushroom Restaurant

The Children's Palace

The Baroque Palace

The Roman Catholic Cathedral

The Row of Canons

The Central Train Station

The Petőfi Park

The Post Palace

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate

Apolo Palace and Moskovits Micsa Palace

The Venetian House

The Palace of Justice

The Darvas la Roche House

Ferdinand Square

The State Theater

The Transilvania Hotel

The Astoria Hotel

The Palace of Rimanoczy Kalman Junior

The Palace of Rimanoczy Kalman Senior

Levay Palace

The Neolog Synagogue

The Town Hall of Oradea